Date Nights On A Budget

Written by CN Secretary~Megan Dalton-Gifford

During your infertility journey you begin to feel alone, frustrated and even separated from your significant other.

Spending time together either intimate or not can begin to feel like a chore. You may begin to feel disconnected and that you are on a schedule for everything. With all of this elevating your stress level and your budget being depleted, the last thing you want to think about is planning dates.

Through all of this you need to remember to focus on each other and that it is okay to push that schedule out of your brain for at least a night!

Here are a few ideas for dates on a budget:

  1. Watch a sunset or sunrise: grab some blankets and pillows, drive someplace quiet and lay out the blankets in the back of your car or on the ground and watch the sunrise or sunset.  
  2. Pay homage to the year you met, started dating or got married: watch a popular movie from that year.
  3. Test drive an expensive car: Don’t buy it!
  4. Enjoy a hike or nature walk
  5. Get some apple cider and drive around to see autumn leaves 
  6. Go apple picking
  7. Grab coffee and walk around downtown
  8. Go to the art museum
  9. Play board games
  10. Play mini golf
  11. Join the Conceive Nebraska Board members for an adult-only Hayrack ride at Shady Lanes Ranch! Only $20 per couple, get your tickets here:

Through this journey things may get tough, frustrating, emotional and even crazy, but you need to remember to focus on each other. You have a reason you are so passionate about this journey, it is ok to feel angry, sad and even HAPPY! There will be many things that cause different emotions, but in the end remember you Love each other and you two are your first line in your support system.  

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