January President’s Letter

Hello and Happy New Year! It is an honor to be able to introduce myself as I take on the role of President of Conceive Nebraska for 2019. My name is Kassandra Mayo and I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years. We struggled with infertility for 12 years and had a successful IVF in June of 2015. Our daughter is a beautiful vivacious 3-year-old full of curiosity and sass! Since then, we miscarried three times after trying IVF for the second time. Life never prepared me for the physical and emotional pain of going into labor, only to say “goodbye.” Which is why the work Conceive Nebraska does is so important!

As a board member for the last two years, I have seen first-hand how Conceive Nebraska comes alongside individuals and couples struggling with infertility, no matter where they are in the journey. You may have just received a diagnosis and wonder where to look for reputable information. Conceive Nebraska provides many resources on our website and Facebook page from local Doctors to printed materials. You may be in the thick of your journey, counting charts, figuring meds, and hoping all those shots work. Conceive Nebraska provides events where you can just go and relax with like-minded people. You may have just had a miscarriage or your plan of course didn’t work this month. We are here to help you through it by providing an online support group where you can vent, ask questions, and share your story safely. We also recommend local group counseling.

Finally, Conceive Nebraska provides opportunities to talk and change the way our community sees and thinks about infertility. Our walk for infertility awareness kicks off April 21st, and this is a great way to invite family and friends to learn and support you, no matter where you are in the process. Join us for a fun night at the baseball field in the summer and help spread the word about the services Conceive Nebraska provides. Then in the fall, join us for our Tailgate Party on September 7th as we cheer on the Huskers while raising money for future events. Each month there is something to participate in and we hope to see you!

Here’s to a new year of getting to know each other,
~Kassandra Mayo
President of Conceive Nebraska

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