July’s Presidents Letter

It’s been a crazy couple of months and through it all, I have come to value community. The people who create a safe place for me to live, work, and play while being my authentic self. One of the communities that I have come to appreciate is my “infertility crew.” The people who know what I’ve gone through and can relate themselves. The people who know what it’s like to inject vials of crazy meds, attend multiple doctors appointments, and steadily prepare for negative results. Those who cry themselves to sleep at night praying, wishing, pleading for one thing-a child of their own. Those who celebrate when something goes right for a change and those who are generally happy when you finally become pregnant.

Are you apart of Conceive Nebraska’s community? We have two online Facebook support groups-one specifically for men! We also pay for 10 couples every four months to participate in our Fertility Support Circle with Omaha Integrative Care. Check out one of our communities, follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and stay connected!

Omaha Area Infertility Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/485503448279504/?source_id=372375043248

Omaha Area Support group for Men:

Omaha Integrative Care Fertility Support Circle:

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