The Year For Me

For the past 3 years, it seems like each year is met with a sigh of relief-because it’s over. We haven’t had a “normal” year since 2019 and quite frankly, I don’t think we ever will. For those suffering with infertility, we have a different sense of what is “normal.” Doctor appointments, shots, multiple medication runs, bruises, ultrasounds, shots, endless tears, relationship stress, shots, phone calls, support groups, political nonsense, shots, ultrasounds, hormonal rollercoasters, unwanted “advice,” and did I mention shots? Sometimes you just have to laugh through the tears.

There may be some of you who are just starting your “journey” while others are at a soul draining point of having to take a break. No matter where you are, let’s make a pack to make this New Year a gift to ourselves. Amongst the endless cycles infertility brings us, let us unpack the gifts that can brighten even the hardest days. Things like taking joy in nature, relishing a cup of coffee in a swanky shop by ourselves, buying delicate pajamas just for our pleasure. Make this a year a gift to the relationships surrounding you. Inviting those who care more into your story and taking care to distance those who are not compatible for such a journey.

May you look in the mirror at your bruised stretch-marked body and proclaim a love for the miracle staring back at you. May you keep a journal of your travels through the year documenting every up and down. May you truly see this year as a gift to yourself.

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