~The Year of Hope~

Every year we mutter, “where did the time go?” and we take a minute to ponder how we spent the last 365 days. I’ll be honest, when I look back at this last year, I find myself exhaling a HUGE sigh of relief. So many things changed and yet stayed the same. One thing that those of us trying to conceive usually think about is that we are starting another year without a baby. This is true for my family as well as several of my friends.

So many of us have spent countless hours combing through the internet looking for ways to to get pregnant, groups to participate in, and opportunities to share our stories. Hours spent at doctors offices, countless tests and needles, thousands of dollars spent trying for the one thing we are starting 2020 without. And another deep breathe is drawn.

This year, could I dare say, we start with the word HOPE on our lips? “Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” We know we are overwhelmed with feelings of expectation, but have we’ve given enough time to the other things we desire to happen? That dream vacation, the books that gather dust on the mantel still waiting to be read, the opportunities we are scared to take part in “in case.” Have we spent enough time with loved ones despite them not understanding what we’re going through? Do we keep ourselves healthy inspite of all the emotional eating and drinking that may be done? Do we remember how to have fun? Now, exhale.n

Will you join me in making a conscious decision to live this coming year, 2020, with the desire to expect that we can do so much more than wait? My hope for you is that you find happiness despite the length of your wait, fun in the short days and long nights, and when your arms feel empty-reach out to someone and teach them how to breathe. We are in this year together.

Cheers my loves,
Kassandra Mayo
Conceive Nebraska President

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