March’s President’s Letter

Sitting in the fertility clinic waiting to hear my name get called for what seemed like the hundredth time in our 12 years of TTC, I noticed the waiting room to be a little more crowded than normal. Couples clasping hands, guys shaking their legs so hard they look like their gonna take off, individuals buried into their phones refusing to look up. The unease in the room is so loud, I can barely hear the TV blasting the morning news.

My husband on the other hand has no problem cutting through the uncomfortable silence. He turns to the couple next to us and ask’s, “So, where are you guys at on the journey?” You could tell they were stunned that someone was making small talk with them considering we all knew why we were there. The wife started saying that they were getting ready for their first consultation while the husband asked where we were at with things. My husband continued their conversation while I politely smiled and apologized for him being intrusive. But you know what? There was a sense of relief in their eyes.

Since that day, I’ve often wondered why the waiting room is such a depressing place or why no one refuses to talk to each other when were all in the same boat! This is why I value the events Conceive Nebraska hosts so we can meet people and share our stories. Coming up in March we have two opportunities that I would like to personally invite you too and maybe you’ll meet a friend or two!

On Saturday, March 7th, 2-4pm, the guys on our board are hosting a get together at the Beercade in Benson. This is a guys-only event and drinks/games are on your own. For more information, check out our Facebook event at:

On Sunday, March 29th, 2-4pm, we would like to invite the ladies to an afternoon to give yourself the unapologetic love, attention, and fellowship you deserve. We will be guided through some prompts, empowering questions, and affirmations, that will get you started (or help you continue) on using this great tool (writing) to your benefit. Get your ticket at:

Lastly, mark your calendar for Sunday, April 19th, as Conceive Nebraska and Methodist Reproductive Health Specialist kick-off the National Week of Infertility Awareness with our 2020 Walk of HOPE! More information here:

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