Meet the Board

Megan Gifford


Megan her bachelors in human and social services and work for DHHS as a DDBH surveyor. She is originally from Las Vegas, NV, yet grew up every where due to her dad being in the military. This year she will have lived in Nebraska for 21 years.

Stephanie Rief

VIce President

Stephanie has been a childcare teacher in Millard for 6 years and resides in Council Bluffs, IA with her husband of 12 years Richard and their 3 year old son Colton.

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Kassandra Mayo

Communications Director

Kassandra, an Omaha Native with 17 years of teaching under her belt, is dedicated to see Conceive
Nebraska’s mission grow.

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Richard Rief


Richard has been working in Omaha at Hiland Dairy for over 10 years. He resides in Council Bluffs with his wife and son, who they adopted after 9 years of infertility. He is also an avid outdoorsman who enjoys all things hunting, fishing and camping.

Julie Richt


Julie is an Omaha Native, who is an executive at a local Workers Compensation Insurance Brokerage. She graduated from Wayne State College in 2005 with a BS in Communications and Business.

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Kristen Binder


Kristen is a Nebraska native who is extremely blessed to be a member of the board. Life has thrown some obstacles at her but she comes out stronger each time. She is very excited to bring her creative talents to the board.

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Leah Rae Russel


Battling infertility has turned Leah to advocacy. It is her mission to open up the dialogue about infertility so that generations to come will not have to fight so hard for diagnosis and access to proper treatment. Becoming a board member for Conceive Nebraska allows Leah to continue these conversations and begin the long journey to ending the stigma around infertility.

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