A Little Thought…

It’s weird. Being pregnant. Being on the ” other side of infertility,” but still not being normal. I struggle with the same feelings I did before. I hate what my body has put me though. I hate that I still feel sad when someone else got pregnant so easily. I still cry at gender reveals (mine included)

Infertility is for a lifetime. It’s not cured by having children. We are still marked. We are still scarred. We are survivors of a life destined to be that much harder. And yet…we know the POWER of hope. We have felt things that “normal” people cant imagine. The good and the bad have come for us and we are left standing.

I’m proud of to be a part of a community that has such strength of character. I’m proud of you, sister. For surviving. For fighting. For advocating. For such openness about struggling. We are more because and in spite of infertility. ~by Sheena

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